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Advancing Cannabinoid Science

Working with cannabinoids is both extremely exciting but also frustrating.There is so much potential on how cannabinoids may provide medical solutions for many unmet medical needs or improved solut...
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Can I use CBD cream for discomfort?

 It might be surprising for you to know that CBD creams are just a moisturizer-based cream filled with Cannabidiol abstracts. These creams can be merged with…
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Why Daily CBD?

Cannabinoids have been used for millennia to help people achieve physical and mental wellness. The herbalists of the past may not have known exactly how the hemp plant worked in the body, but ...
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Talking About Sexual Anxiety

Talking Sexual Anxiety with Shadeen Francis, LMFT We’re in an anxious moment, historically and culturally. Anxiety about work, health, politics, and the overall future for us, our loved ones and t...
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Mastectomy Recovery: What to expect.

Learn more about mastectomy recovery, how long it takes, and when you can expect to return to your normal life, daily activities, and how you can support yourself and ask others to support you. 
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